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Hi there.

I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait to work together.


Some things to note:

  • All consultations are conducted online via Zoom video conferencing software. You will receive a link to join the call prior to your consultation time.

  • My clinic operates in GMT+11:00 Melbourne, Australia, time and services clients from across the country, so be sure to check your appointment time.

  • All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD).

  • 100% prepayment required for initial consultations. Return consultations will be charged at the time of the consultation.

For any questions, you can contact me at:

Let's get to work!


Book an initial consult: 60 or 90 minutes

Wondering whether 60 or 90 minutes is best for you? Choose the 90 minute option if you want to leave no stone unturned and really hit the ground running from the start. You will have time to ask all of your questions and to go through any pathology results you've already got. This appointment type is also suitable for those with chronic or severe illnesses, or if you simply have a lot that you want to discuss. 


Attend your consult

In your first consult we talk in-depth about your current health concerns, explore your medical history, review current medication and supplements, and determine our next steps.

After a thorough assessment of your case we will determine which package or consult approach is right for you.


Watch your health improve

Now the real magic happens! Over the following weeks and months we will use your case history and test results to systemically improve each facet of your health, starting with those symptoms that are giving you the most grief. 

We will have regular check-ins where I'll explain the rationale behind each part of your treatment plan to ensure you don't just know what to do but how it will help you to feel better.

Let's get started!

Christina G.

"I can't recommend Laura enough. She has helped diagnose and treat my gut and iron issues after years of no answers or change. Her knowledge and support has been truly life changing. Thanks so much Laura!"

Brenna G.

"My 4 year old had been suffering acute stomach pains for two months which doctors had been unsuccessful in diagnosing or treating. Laura quickly identified the cause of my son's stomach pain and resolved it within two weeks of commencing treatment. The tests requested were comprehensive and allowed Laura to prescribe the exact probiotic strains and dietary adjustments required. My son's stomach pain is gone and he is back to his normal diet. I highly recommend Laura Taylor Health."

Kylie A.

"Laura has been so kind and supportive helping me navigate some tricky health issues. She is knowledgeable and compassionate in her approach to my health care. Being honest about what we need to do/try but also takes my thoughts and headspace into consideration, which I really appreciate."

What Laura's clients are saying

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