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The Iron Code

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Who is the Iron Code for? - You're a naturopath, nutritionist or other health provider who wants to feel more confident in how to treat the underlying causes of iron deficiency. - You feel confused by how to interpret your clients' iron test results. - Your degree barely touched on iron deficiency beyond teaching you to prescribe iron tablets to everyone, and maybe even taught you that everyone's ferritin should be above 100 (spoiler alert: that's not true). - You want to understand when iron infusions are indicated and why they sometimes don't work. - You prescribe good quality, practitioner-only iron supplements but your clients' levels don't improve -- or drop even lower when you retest them. - You want to have a deep understanding of how iron is absorbed and regulated in the body to more easily be able to find and address the root cause of your clients' iron deficiency. - You want to arm yourself with all the best interventions to resolve your clients' iron deficiency once and for all. The Details: Many of you left uni feeling completely unprepared for handling the complexities of iron deficiency beyond knowing which iron supplement to prescribe (and which to avoid!), and it wasn't until you started seeing clients in your own clinic that you realised how much more there is to know. The Iron Code contains everything I have learnt after spending countless hours reading the research, and from my clinical experience of treating iron deficiency every week in my clinic. In this 75 minute webinar, I will take you through iron regulation and pathophysiology, and will provide clear, actionable strategies for assessing and managing all aspects of iron deficiency. The Iron Code will allow to feel confident in how to effectively support your clients with iron deficiency without the guesswork.

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